It is far better to be known for what you love than what you can’t stand.

writing ~ raising chickens ~ singing hymns at the piano ~ traveling
Latin ~ Jesus ~ mint chip ice cream ~ teaching ~ ESL ~ strong coffee
evening walks ~ swimming in the ocean ~ books that make me pause
family ~ dinner parties ~ that moment you meet a kindred spirit



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You can email me at catherine.neitherherenorthere@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Gab & Graffiti

    Just wanted to show some love! And you’ve got a new Twitter follower! I feel like I completely missed the snippet about you teaching, congrats! I begin subbing this fall – wading in the waters to see if I’d like to swim 🙂 Continue to be blessed and raise fat chickens! (They look great in those pictures, lol!)

    1. catherine_hawkins Post author

      That’s great that you’re subbing! I’ve heard it’s a good way to figure out if teaching is something you’re interested in (although I would say that having your own classroom is tons better, so don’t get discouraged if it isn’t your thing right away). And thanks, the girls are doing pretty well, although egg production is going down with the shortened days… 🙂


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