Kinship with Strangers

I am already past the halfway-point of my TEFL course, and I can’t believe it.

Mostly because that means the time of decisions is feeling terribly close.

I was hashing it out with someone (my mother? myself? i can’t remember), and I realized that I don’t like this making of decisions. It’s not that I’m indecisive – that is far from any trait I possess – it’s that I hate the idea of being boxed in a year down the road by a choice I make now.

What if something better comes along?
Or if not better, at least different?

What if I choose something and its permanence becomes a chain on my ankle?

I read this article today on, and despite the differences in our circumstances, the woman sounds scarily like myself at times. She’s scared of making decisions, too, and actually has put off long-term decisions for 22 years.

It seems even people nearly twice my age have the same thoughts.

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  1. The thing I found about choosing TEFL as a career was the chance to chop and change. Once qualified I didn’t find that I was tied down particularly (subject to any contract you may sign of course). Essentially, If you don’t like the job you can go back home. If you don’t like the town/country you can apply for jobs elsewhere. It gives you the chance to travel about and earn money as you go. Relax, finish your course and choose a place where you’ll think you’ll have the best chance of getting a mix of enjoyment and enough cash to live on. It doesn’t have to be forever. Enjoy and good luck 🙂

  2. Don’t want to sound like I’m preaching, but just wanted to share some thoughts since I’ve been thinking similar things lately : God works all together for good…and you’re not so important that you can get in the way of His plan. 🙂 At least that’s a comfort I tell myself from time to time. Walk humbly with your God.

    1. So, I agree. He is in charge. My thing is, He DOES let us make mistakes, and He DOES let consequences occur from those mistakes. How to make sure that we are living in a way that glorifies Him, when sometimes I want to throw my hands up and admit defeat?! And run away?!

      This is just something I think about. Sometimes I feel much more contented and like your comment – but it fluctuates… 🙂

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