I prepared for Sandy in a funny way.

I locked up the girls in the house, moved their waterer inside, gathered the eggs, and closed the window.

The coop looks weird, empty in the middle of the day.

Did I buy any water for myself? No.

Did I buy canned goods? No.

Did I protect my chickens from the hurricane?


Gunther and I watched from the cozy indoors.

And Tuesday dawned, sun on dark clouds, and the smell of spring in October.

5 Replies to “Priorities”

  1. Funny… We had our chicks safe too and left them in an enclosed run with their house inside to go in and out of. They seemed a little frazelled after it was over, but appear to be recovering now. Hope your ladies are recovering too 🙂

    1. It’s funny what having chickens (or really, what having anything other than yourself to worry about) will teach you 🙂

      They had one light day where laying was NOT their priority, but they seem to have pulled through. Those hardy girls.

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