Confession #2


I didn’t get the text until 6:13, two minutes before my alarm would’ve gone off.


Sometimes I can’t believe my luck. I hopped out of bed with an energy that I never could’ve mustered if I’d had to get up for school. Ran into the hallway and rejoiced to my poor father who still had to go into the city because businessmen don’t get snow days. I felt bad for him, but that didn’t really cloud the delicious day that stretched before me.

I made a big pot of coffee, and some of you probably think I’m going to say: “And I grabbed a book.” I did not grab a book.

I put on Netflix and watched Sherlock.

There seems to be something wrong with me. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m an obsessive person, but when I like something, I REALLY LIKE IT. I read (and watched) Little House like it was my job when I was little. In high school and early college, it was all about LOST. In what I consider my “Confession #1”, I wrote that my movie obsession seemed to revolve around none other than Tom Cruise (I have no excuse. I plead for mercy.).

Sorry, Tom, I think I’ve found someone else.

The past three weeks have been all about Sherlock. I’m always a little late to the game; two seasons under their belts before I’d even really heard of the show. Netflix is probably one of my favorite inventions of the last twenty years. It’s like magic! All you do is push a few buttons and then voila! you have these amazing shows and movies right in your house. Oh my gosh.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on exactly why I can’t get enough of this show. Of course I love the mystery, the plot twists, the London-setting, but I’m afraid it has something to do with Sherlock himself. Benedict Cumberbatch is the actor’s name – no, I’m serious. When I first saw him, his face scared me. It’s sharp and his eyes are this piercing blue and he’s white-pale with dark hair, and I was like Oh gosh, he’s scary. And then he’s got this deep intense voice that makes me never want to get on his bad side.


I mean, look at him. The guy’s scary.

Not to mention he’s smart.

I think that might be the thing: this guy’s a genius. And like a lot of geniuses, he most definitely suffers with some social issues. He’s constantly putting his foot in his mouth and hurting people around him. One of the female detectives not-so-endearingly calls him “Freak.” I get offended every time.

I’m watching this show and I can’t get enough of it. My heart races a little bit when he figures everything out from a tiny piece of footprint.


Did I mention he composes on the violin when he’s thinking? Wait, a Consultant Detective AND a musician? I didn’t think it was possible. Also, there’s a scene where Sherlock makes a pot of loose leaf tea, and if anyone knows me, they know I love me a little loose leaf. Match made in Netflix heaven. [The ladies at the tea shop will remember our “Sherlock Blend” from last year – one-part Earl Grey to one-part Lapsang Souchong, if I recall.]


Then there’s John Watson, with his sweet little dog-like demeanor. Everyone needs a buddy like Watson. Sweet, yes, but don’t forget he fought in Afghanistan – Watson’s the kinda guy you’d trust with your life.

sherlock8 Look at him! So cute. (Not to be confused with an equally endearing hobbit…)

Then there’s Mrs. Hudson, the landlady. She offers to serve them tea and food, but she’s always saying sweetly over her shoulder, “I’m not your housekeeper!” Come now, Mrs. Hudson, we all know you love getting them tea.

She puts up with some outlandish things. Thumbs in the fridge? Yes.

sherlock5And, for one of my favorite villains of all-time: Jim Moriarty. This guy is freaky. Every word out of his mouth makes me shrink a little bit in my seat. So evil. And so good.

sherlock4The writing is superb. Really. And whoever wrote the theme is amazing. It sounds just like you imagine Sherlock’s brain to work. Check it out.

I wish I could write more about what happens, but I don’t want to spoil it. It’s too good to destroy in one silly blogpost.

Now, I know that Sherlock and I would never really hit it off. It’s like when we watch Big Bang Theory. We love Sheldon, but my Dad’s right: “Can you imagine being with Sheldon in real life? We’d hate him!” And that’s probably true of Sherlock, too. Too uptight. Too out of touch with other people. Too quirky.

But that’s why he makes such a great character.

So if you don’t already watch it, you should give Sherlock a try. And if you know of any other good shows, send them my way; I’ve already finished both seasons and I’m waiting around for number three…

I’ll leave you with a direct quote from Sherlock himself:

“Think. It’s the new sexy.”

[I confessed to a friend while hiding in the stacks at Barnes and Noble that I’d written this post, but I was waiting to publish it. Am I embarrassed? A little. But clearly not enough.]

[I should probably read the books…]

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